Integrate Catalogues for Facebook Ads Through 6Degree Honeycomb

2 min readAug 11, 2022

Although Facebook started as a social app, it is one of the most powerful e-commerce tools in the digital space today. If you have an e-commerce business, it’s essential to integrate your store with Facebook and maximize the platform’s benefits.

6Degree Honeycomb now allows you to sync your online store catalogue to Facebook in a faster and easier way. Connect & export your catalogue in a format compatible with Facebook Commerce Manager. This will allow your brand to create quality ads that drive engagement and conversions.

Why Every Online Store Needs a Facebook Catalogue?

A Facebook Catalog enhances your digital marketing efforts to promote your products. Integrating your honeycomb catalogue with Facebook allows you to tap into the perks of Facebook and Instagram advertising and skyrocket your sales.

- Create targeted catalogue & dynamic ads easily

- Make your products shoppable on Facebook & Instagram

- Create an immersive digital experience for your customers

How to Enable Your Honeycomb Catalogue for Facebook

  • Sign In to Your Honeycomb Seller Account
  • Go To Settings
  • Select The Facebook Option
  • Check The ‘Enable or Disable Facebook’ Option to Integrate Your Catalogue Feed with Facebook Business Manager.
  • Copy & Paste the URL String in Facebook URL

Now that both platforms are integrated, all you need to do is add your Facebook pixel to your Honeycomb store.

Marketing your store is now easier, faster, and more effective. Create your store on Honeycomb and increase your brand engagement, build customer trust and boost your conversions.

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