Instagram Reels: Benefits for Lifestyle Businesses

Instagram introduced Reels in 50 countries, including India, in August 2020. And users around the country are using Instagram Reels for business promotion and product marketing.

For lifestyle and fashion businesses that already have an Instagram business account, Instagram Reels offer another way to reach people without having to build up a following on a separate platform. Plus, Instagram always pushes new features to drive adoption, thus Instagram Reels gets priority placement in search results and on the Instagram explore page.

Why should your Brand use Instagram Reels?

  1. Visibility: Reels provide you a new way (apart from InstaTV, Insta Live and Stories) to reach your digital audience.

Key benefits of Instagram Reels for your businesses:

Give your followers a look into your brand:-

People follow brands they feel connected to, so give your audience a peek behind the curtain. Consider sharing some content, such as:

  • Meet the team, Our process (creation, production, services, etc) or Fun time at work

Showcase and Sell new products:-

Promote your products and services with catchy captions, emojis and AR overlays. Whether you’re selling electronics, clothes or any other product, you can create Reels. You can either talk about the benefits or show how something works. Using a combination of photos and video snippets, you can provide detailed insights into your products and services.

  • Shoppable Reels have the Instagram Shopping icon and “View Products” on the bottom. Anyone viewing a Reel can tap to open up a page with products featured in the Reel.

Jump on a trend:-

When you open the Instagram Reels tab, you see trending accounts. If a trend catches your eye, make an Instagram Reel with your own take. Instagram users can search for Reels by hashtags, effects, and audio, so keep an eye on any elements that are rising in popularity. Audio trends often start on TikTok and make their way to Instagram. For example, the “oh no” audio is a short and funny way to share an unfortunate mishap or silly mistake.

  • Using a trending audio clip is a great way to show up in the Explore feed or reach new audiences who search for Reels with a specific audio.

Make Instagram Reels a part of your Instagram marketing

Instagram Reels are here to stay, and lifestyle businesses are seeing good engagement and growth in digital footprint. If you’re not already regularly using Instagram Reels, now’s the time to start. Instagram Reels have solidified their place on the platform and have proven to be a major growth and engagement hack.

As Reels continue to become an integral part of the Instagram user experience, we expect to see further tools, algorithm disclosure, and insights.



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