Black Friday Sale 2021: More Than Just A Shopping Holiday

3 min readDec 6, 2021

The global shopping event just ended and to our surprise, it was bigger & better than ever! Since the pandemic, our shopping habits might’ve changed, but the Black Friday craze is not going anywhere!

This year, it was about not letting the insanity and chaos get overwhelming but embracing the opportunities that come with it. Indian companies stepped up to meet the desires of consumers, looking for new ways to celebrate once the festive season was over.

A refresh:

In the aftermath of a global outbreak, everyone’s looking to reset and celebrate each little joy!

Consumers saw an opportunity to revive their wardrobes not just for the upcoming holiday season but for a new expression. Brands recognized a unique possibility to immerse consumers in meaningful experiences through digital channels. For brands managed by 6Degree, websites were revamped, and inventory was optimized to avoid the general unavailability of advertised products during sales.

All efforts resulted in customers spending 1.21 times more during the Black Friday Sale over any other day, despite heavy discounts ranging from 20% to 80%. The top-performing brand saw an increase of over 150 percent in its Average-Order-Value.

For footwear brand Inc5 Shoes, orders on first interaction doubled during the shopping spree.

An opportunity:

With the world becoming virtual and consumers growing accustomed to the digital space, we saw a shift from queues outside brick & mortar stores to increased traffic on e-commerce websites.

With in-depth data analysis, 6Degree’s marketing team reached customers through every touchpoint, including but not limited to Google and Facebook ads, social media, emails, and SMS to drive site visits and sales. Consumers are now looking to social media for inspiration. A no-brainer strategy was to tie up with influencers and celebrities to support all the efforts and increase visibility. Through years of maintaining exceptional relationships, 6Degree collaborated with the likes of Kamya Punjabi, Ada Khan & more at only 10% of the cost.

6Degree enabled brands brand received 657% additional daily traffic.

Gulabo Jaipur’s social media ads were optimized to the extent that Facebook-driven sales during the 4 days of the Black Friday sale were equal to 54% of the total sales from this channel for this financial year.

The online sales of premium footwear brand, Inc5 Shoes, were higher than the combined sales of the first quarter during the 2 day event. The Average-Order-Value saw a 129% increase from what it has been this year.

A surprise:

By understanding consumer behaviour and changes in preferences, 6Degree witnessed massive sales potential between Diwali and Winter shopping celebrations.

Marketing strategies were innovative, intending to leave a lasting impression, not just boost sales. By focusing on lending an experience — creating unforgettable moments with every communication, — marketers could develop substantial and intimate connections and build lifelong relationships with their customers.

By using virtual intelligence to develop intuitive ways to target customers, 6Degree was able to provide rich experiences that resonate with the audience.

Brands had a 132% higher conversion of sessions to sales. The top-performer saw an increase of 224% in the duration of the Black Friday sale.

Orders placed during the Black Friday Sale grew up to 1629%.

The Black Friday Sale 2021 proved to be a memorable one!




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