An increase in sales by 4000% in just 1 month!

3 min readFeb 10, 2022

6Degree is India’s leading lifestyle business platform, set out to bridge — the absence of unity within the fashion industry and become the digital backbone of the industry.

Below we look at the eCommerce growth trajectory of a lifestyle brand that has experienced explosive sales of 4000% in just a month.

The Challenge: To ramp up the brand’s online sales on their e-commerce site and achieve an overall greater ROI.

The Approach:

1)Leverage Every Scroll, Click & Standstill

We conducted heat map analysis to get more insight into product performance, and understand how visitors browse the website, what catches their attention, what distracts them. This study guided us to curate intelligent catalogues with personalized suggestions for users. Alongside, a review of the integrated UX journey helped improve user experience and achieve higher click-through rates.

We also revised the size chart, which decreased the proportion of orders returned.

2)Perform Practical Promotion Strategies

In an attempt to not be lost in the sea of End Of Season Sales during December, we held our Sale event in January instead. We also took advantage of micro-influencers network to try on and shop their favourite products. Influencer shout-outs have proved to be one of the best ways for businesses to reach a wider audience and stimulate growth in sales. The brand was tagged in 176 stories, 18 posts and 13 reels which were then posted at strategic intervals on the brand’s social media pages.

We also performed a huge contest and giveaway activity.

3)A Data-Driven Approach Is A Single Source Of Truth.

Monitoring product-level data, weekly insights, and user behaviour allowed us to build a more effective marketing structure, strategically replenish bestseller inventory, make modifications to the digital ads, and run geo-location specific ads.

The study included shopping patterns, style and colour preferences, time spent on pages, discounts at which maximum conversions were achieved, online cart analysis. A/B testing for marketing campaigns was also done to create maximum impact.

4)Leverage Brand Equity And Beat The Odds

We leveraged the existing brand equity in order to maximize the brand value. The industry average for online shopping in India is to have 90–95% ‘Cash On Delivery’ orders which increases the RTO and pushes up the operational costs, thereby reducing profit. To our advantage, the brand had already built substantial customer loyalty and trust. With a bit of a creative nudge through the customer journey, we could bring down our COD orders.

The Result:

The data-driven approach, combined with an improved UI/UX platform and marketing strategies, brought significant uplifts to key metrics.

  • The brand’s conversion rate increased by 143%.
  • The brand reached 3.5 million accounts, engaged with 25.2k users and made an impression on 12.5 million Indians.
  • The proportion of orders returned was brought down to 12%, where the industry average of online returns for brands in the same sector is 35–40%.
  • ‘Cash on delivery’ orders reduced significantly to 71% of the total orders.
  • The biggest win was that 3 out of the top 5 cities where pre-paid orders were maximum were tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

The brand increased sales by 4000% in just 30 days.

It takes an army, and we are ninjas!




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