1200% growth in 3 months

How we scaled a brand’s revenue to a 1200% jump in just three months.

Store conversion rate grew by 638%

ROAS went up by 231%

But how? Strategic changes made to the website:

  • Adding sticky Banner for easy navigation
  • Featuring the brand’s premium collection to help build premium look and feel of listing pages and easy discovery of this collection along with affordable collection to help increase AOV and conversion even during sale
  • Pinning top selling styles each day to ensure we are showing the top selling or Fav styles up top for quick discovery and conversion
  • Pinning styles from banners to ensure they are easy to discover as these are hero styles included in lifestyle shots on banner and are aspirational
  • Creating story telling on HP to ensure more engagement and interest and avg time spent on the site
  • Adding CTA in all banner to nudge customers to explore the collections
  • Adding a cart level offer for both increased IPT and AOV

Lets talk growth at: getgap@6degree.co | amit@6degree.co



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